Sunday, February 6, 2011

Year of the Rabbit

Thursday was the first community supported home cooking-free evening this week.  I think I went through withdrawal!  On Sunday Colby and I enjoyed lasagna, on Monday we had Randi's jambalaya, on Tuesday we had Athena's Asian-inspired chicken and rice casserole, and on Wednesday we had Chalence's chicken and forty cloves.  It was all very delicious!

Initially, the plan was to cook every other weekend and everyone would bring their dishes all at once.  We quickly discovered that there is almost no refrigerator space at the office, so this was less than ideal.  We decided to switch it up and this week, which was supposed to be the "off" week, Athena and I will make dishes and the week after, Randi and Chalence will go.  This lets us have a more continuous flow of dishes.  I'm sure that over time, our system will morph to become more efficient, but we'll always update the about section, for everyone who's interested.

Athena's plan is to make a healthy stir-fry, which will be a nice reprieve from all of the deep fried Superbowl snacks.  In celebration of the Chinese New Year, I'm making dumplings. The Asian Dumplings book by Andrea Ngyuen has been one of my go to cookbooks ever since I bought it a year and a half ago.  I'll be making Tibetan beef and Sichuan peppercorn dumplings, kimchi mandu, and lai wong bao.  Recipes and pictures to come!

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