Sunday, April 10, 2011

A dinner party!

Last Monday Julie and Colby and Randi came over for dinner. Usually if I cook it's just for me, which means less incentive to make stuff that actually looks pretty and tastes good. But this time I got out a recipe and multiple pots and pans and made a meal for people, while still doing something fairly nice and simple: baked ziti!

It was an easy recipe - mostly pasta and cheese and tomato-y stuff. Mix it together, cover it with more cheese, and bake! The hardest part was chopping up the garlic. Anybody else find that difficult?

Straight out of the oven I think it tasted okay, but for some reason it was not as good after reheating. Maybe tomato sauce would have tasted better than the can of whole tomatoes. Or perhaps I could have crushed the tomatoes more so it would have mixed better with the cheese.

Also on the menu was stuff I didn't make so much as buy: mixed green salad, garlic bread (which I would like to try making myself sometime), and ice cream.

So, baking pasta and casserole-type stuff is fun. The dishes always comes out looking so hearty. I'll be attempting more similar things in the future!

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